Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To Go With That Outfit, May I Suggest. . .

Thanks to Miss Nell, I discovered Hellen Allen's Steampunk Gadgets.
It's just behind Nell's Cafe in Wheatstone Waterways in Wexstone Wonderous Wares Emporium. It's a darling Steampunk/Victorian accessories store. Lousy picture, I know.

The accessories are beautiful, different, and reasonably priced.

Red Rose, an emerald and pearl necklace, is made of all prims. No scripts, sculpties, or text. This would look dramatic paired with a green gown. It's priced at 300 L$.

Hellen Allen's Steampunk Gadgets in Wheatstone Waterways

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Feathering Your Nest Victorian Style

The above picture is by the landing area. All freebies. There's a variety of clothing suitable for avatars under 30 days old who are trying to build their wardrobe. Most of us can skip it.

Near the freebie baskets are holiday candles. You have your choice of globes or candles on a tray. Free.

The store is a furniture store, with a nice variety of living room, bedroom, and bathroom sets. Lamps, framed pictures, rugs as well. All reasonably priced. My eye was drawn to the footed Victorian black marble tub with teal accents for 349 L$. Only 18 prims! Gorgeous textures, but unfortunately the colors don't fit in my house. * Pause for big dramatic sigh * Here are the same colors in the Victorian spa:

Granted, the spa as shown is way more than 349 L$, but isn't it lovely?

Candlelight Evenings

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cad & Bounder Presents: The Squid!

from the New Babbage Aether Ning:

This speedy two-avatar sub is small and narrow to easily explore narrow waterways.


* Seats a pilot and a brave passenger!
* Choice of Hovertext info display or worn HUD for info on throttle, speed, and depth!
* Bubble trail!
* Wriggly tentacles!
* Ink Spray to aid in escaping sticky situations!
* Beacon script notifies owner of sub's location every two hours!
* ICS 3.0 combat system enabled (500 pt hull, medium ram).
* Alacrity Mode for even quicker escapes!

(Cad & Bounder not responsible for engine damage, bodily harm, or cleaning bills, in the event Alacrity Mode is ever used, or ramming is attempted versus anything larger than a small duck.)

The Squid is, of course, completely flawless. But, by chance you are inexplicably transported to an alternate plane of reality where the impossible happens, and The Squid malfunctions in some manner, do feel free, or perhaps even feel strangely compelled, to report the issue to me.

-Doctor G. Obolensky, Cad & Bounder


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Paeoti Pomeray's Nymphetamine Nirvana!

I've recently met a delightfully silly, talented woman by the name of Paeoti Pomeray. Through her Nymphetamine shops in Dragon's Tail and Little Sturgis, Paeoti offers her wonderful clothing - and when you're done shopping, take a wander around the two regions. Paeoti speaks highly of neighboring shops, and in the Dragon's Tail sim, there's romantic areas to wander, as well!

Two outfits have especially caught my fancy, as they appeal to two aspects of my life. My life in New Babbage, a steampunk sim, calls for clothing that echoes the steampunk dream. I love her 'Torrid's Penchant' outfit, with the matching hat and necklace.

The second outfit is something fun I can use in my dancing acts at the New Champagne Rooms - the 'Flirty Fannie PeekABoo Bordello Set'. How to put this delicately... it peels down gracefully, looking as cute as can be even as bits of it are removed.

And look at that backside!

I hope you visit Paeoti's shops soon, and come home with something that suits *your* lifestyle!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Silent Sparrow's New Babbage Tartan How Fun !!!!

First Allow me to thank Miss hyasynth Tiramisu for this amazing labor of love creation for and to all
of New Babbage , ( yes for the ladies to wear and for the ahem gentlemen to admire !!)
Now please note ... Breezy is no one famous in any world *grins*
and that's just fine .. ya all know her anyway .. (funny how that works isn't it )
For she is Not a builder or designer or even an artist or writer ..
but in both worlds she is most blessed and resides in two of the most amazing places for inspiration
in all the lands
((her humble opinion))
Perhaps it is the Sea herself that inspires Breezy the most of all, to believe and dream and yeah chat with and perhaps make humble requests of these beautiful creators, some that are kind enough to have become her friends.
The creative power behind this set amazes me !!!
hyasynth Tiramisu has brought to life a sooty steamy sexy and fun ensemble for
The Ladies of Babbage!!
How cool is this ???? How Wicked clever indeed !!!
The details are amazing
two layers for the tank and jacket
the garter or not trim gloves (( a Babbage lady's must))
the bloomers ((2 layers))
and trim collar and cuffs
darling darling darling
three adorable skirts
stockings with a little nip trim (( of our dear New Babbage Flag))
that sparks the signature style hyasynth Tiramisu is know and loved by us all !!
hyasynth Tiramisu 4 yrs on the grid and just gets better and better
and her shop in Babbage has been there since the beginning
in The Depot in Babbage Canals
No Stranger to The Steam lands at all
but quiet ,modest kind and thoughtful always !!!
To each and everyone of one us
I can not go on enough about Hya ..
She has been there for me tenfold from an amazing creation for RFL
and endless quiet chats and smiles .. and now she took the time to create this amazing creation
all for just 299.00 Lindens Ladies ..
What is it that makes this so special besides the darling styles
the steamy sooty tartans
grins it is the Lady that puts it on for all to see ....
the Lady that brings the Magic of the creation to Life !!!
Now each of YOU have the opportunity to bring this Magical Creation to life !!
Wear the magic and feel the soot and steam take over your own heart today !!!
This is an exclusive (for now ) available
only at Miss hyasynth Tiramisu's New Babbage Cannal Shop
Indeed a very very fun sassy set !!!!
*grins* Please take note to the back top of the stocking to the trim of the New Babbage Flag
Did I mention Sassy ..............................
ahh and the wonderful Heartwork Wind up (scripted key)
coming soon from Miss Canolli Capalini .. nudge nugde
But thats another blog .. grins .. shhhh breezy is fast a sleep ..
dreaming of steamy dreams and happy twirlssss I am sure ....
OOh yesss and Please don't forget what's become
the grid's renowned Aether Salon
later this Month Miss hyasynth Tiramisu's
shall be a co presentor

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hair Apparent!

Is your hair collection lacking? Need a quick boost in variety and styles? Go to Calico Ingmann Creations, aka Calico Kitty right now!

Just inside the door, you'll see a subscription sign up board. It won't use a space in your groups, which is wonderful. Join! Momentarily you'll receive multiple gifts. Keep those aside, we'll come back to that in a moment. Now, walk around the corner and peek at the TWO lucky chairs to see if your letter might be up!

Before you rush back to unpack your gift boxes... take some time to look around Calico Kitty. It's a good store, and well worth your patronage. Keep a landmark. You don't realize it yet but you've just been given some very good gifts, and a generous creator like this does deserve your future business.

Okay. Now then. Scoot off somewhere and get those boxes unpacked! One of them contains two more boxes, so you'll be fumbling about for a while, but it's worth it. Once you've sorted through everything, you'll be shocked to realize just how much hair you have! And it's not just women's hair. MEN, you'll find hair in there too! (Ceejay tried on the men's hairstyles and thinks that some of them adapt nicely for sassy short cuts for women as well). You'll want to get your booty sorted into folders now, too.

There's no longer any excuse to be having a bad hair day, thanks to Calico Kitty!

Monet Dreams

The beautiful sim of Ville de Giverny is home to a different kind of furniture store. Evoking a country lifestyle, the Home Store is filled with well made furnishings. Owner Kaye Robbiani has paid careful attention to her creations.

This pie safe, for example, is a mere 300 L$ and it has working doors, a working drawer, and a pie inside that looks so realistic you can almost smell it.

Blanket chests with quilts inside, stoves with working doors, beautiful wall hangings, this store is filled with items that will make your country home a warm and inviting retreat.
Look at this Old West Bedroom set! See the detail on the blanket folded at the foot of the bed? The wash stand contains working drawers and wash animations. I am impressed at the amount of detail in this set and the price is a very reasonable 975 L$.

There are other excellent shops in the sim that you are sure to enjoy. Take your time, relax, enjoy! It's beautiful there.

The Home Store

Relaxing in a comfy chair

After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than sitting in an easy chair and enjoying a glass of fine wine.

Okay, I am really at a furniture store, Bygone Days Antiques. But a good glass of wine, even in a furniture store is still fun. The owner has moved recently and is still setting items out. This is just one of her bedroom sets. Everything is reasonably priced and there’s a low prim area of the store for those of you on strict prim budgets.

It’s a fun place to look, get inspired and find that perfect item for your Proper Victorian home!

Bygone Days Antiques

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Confession: I cannot cease staring at my shoes

I have a small shoe problem, which some will attest to. When i find a pair of shoes i adore, i will wear them for ... a very long time.

Currently, I am in behavior-modification training, as I have acquired TWO pairs of shoes that I rotate between.

Both are sufficiently distracting as to have had me bewitched by their good looks at inconvenient times (at meetings, while building something Very Important, when trying not to walk into walls or fall into a canal), and also look lovely with many a gown.

What are they, you ask? Why:

Zasa Rossini's Tally Boots (gorgeous in red, chocolate, and soft black leather - ok that's three pairs of shoes right there, I know, I know. shush.) The Chocolate Velvet are available at Petite Chou (


Cutea Benelli's steamy coggy goodness, aka Vapor Vanity Silver Luxury Heels - they SPIN!

available at The Grim Bros Main Store on Clematis ( http://

and viewable wherever my feet are.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fatima's Antique Artistry Antiques

If you’ve been around the Victorian sims for awhile, you’ve no doubt heard of
Antique Artistry Antiques by Fatima Ur.

Spread across several sims, there’s a rich variety of homes, furnishings, landscaping to be had. Even if you don’t have the lindens nor the land yet, it’s an amazing place to wander around. You will be tempted -- and chances are, you will return when you have the means and the land.

Prices are reasonable and quality is good. Don’t forget to check out the freebie area when you are there.

The variety, the quality, the changing merchandise all are sure to impress.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Proper Shopper

Be a Proper Shopper!

Lavish Ladies & Dapper Gents Please join our newly created shopping group, the Proper Shopper! Inspired by Miss Eleanor Anderton's Shopping Alerts....this group would periodically release a wearable shopping HUD (thanks Viv!) that with one click would transport you to the featured deals, sales, freebies and favourite designers of quality garments, furniture, decorative home goods & garden delights.

I know we all have lots of groups or are even at our limit ....but it would great if you joined in!! Shopping Tips are eagerly sought from our Members! Joining this group is FREE now but we may charge a small fee later.

The Proper Shopper Shopping Group is geared towards the Victorian, historic, & Steampunk sims....From the modest shirtwaist to the provocative plunging deep decolletage all of the fashions that we will gather and share will be tastefully Victorian or steamy Steampunk! We do have a rule: NO BLING! or modern clothes will be featured (unless it's lingerie or a costume!) And Gentlemen, we will not forget your desire to be dapper! We encourage you to join us and submit YOUR favourite sources for fine apparel and encourage newbies to join our group so that they can look their best when traveling through the Victorian realms! From your fingertips to your foundations...this group will strive to gather, evaluate, provide, and share helpful information to make your Second Life Lavish!

Antique & unique furniture, home & garden finds will be fitting for the Victorian home.

If you have a great shopping tip send me a notecard with a short write-up about the item, where in the store to find it (if it's not immediately evident) and the LM.
! My thanks to Misses Ceejay, Serafina and Eleanor who have already contributed!

Ideas for tags: "Can't talk, Shopping" "I'm a Proper Shopper" any other ideas?

To join...go in-word, click search, choose Group, put in the search term "Proper Shopper" and click to see Full Profile: & JOIN us!!! YAY!!!