Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hair Apparent!

Is your hair collection lacking? Need a quick boost in variety and styles? Go to Calico Ingmann Creations, aka Calico Kitty right now!

Just inside the door, you'll see a subscription sign up board. It won't use a space in your groups, which is wonderful. Join! Momentarily you'll receive multiple gifts. Keep those aside, we'll come back to that in a moment. Now, walk around the corner and peek at the TWO lucky chairs to see if your letter might be up!

Before you rush back to unpack your gift boxes... take some time to look around Calico Kitty. It's a good store, and well worth your patronage. Keep a landmark. You don't realize it yet but you've just been given some very good gifts, and a generous creator like this does deserve your future business.

Okay. Now then. Scoot off somewhere and get those boxes unpacked! One of them contains two more boxes, so you'll be fumbling about for a while, but it's worth it. Once you've sorted through everything, you'll be shocked to realize just how much hair you have! And it's not just women's hair. MEN, you'll find hair in there too! (Ceejay tried on the men's hairstyles and thinks that some of them adapt nicely for sassy short cuts for women as well). You'll want to get your booty sorted into folders now, too.

There's no longer any excuse to be having a bad hair day, thanks to Calico Kitty!

Monet Dreams

The beautiful sim of Ville de Giverny is home to a different kind of furniture store. Evoking a country lifestyle, the Home Store is filled with well made furnishings. Owner Kaye Robbiani has paid careful attention to her creations.

This pie safe, for example, is a mere 300 L$ and it has working doors, a working drawer, and a pie inside that looks so realistic you can almost smell it.

Blanket chests with quilts inside, stoves with working doors, beautiful wall hangings, this store is filled with items that will make your country home a warm and inviting retreat.
Look at this Old West Bedroom set! See the detail on the blanket folded at the foot of the bed? The wash stand contains working drawers and wash animations. I am impressed at the amount of detail in this set and the price is a very reasonable 975 L$.

There are other excellent shops in the sim that you are sure to enjoy. Take your time, relax, enjoy! It's beautiful there.

The Home Store http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ville%20de%20Giverny/72/223/23

Relaxing in a comfy chair

After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than sitting in an easy chair and enjoying a glass of fine wine.

Okay, I am really at a furniture store, Bygone Days Antiques. But a good glass of wine, even in a furniture store is still fun. The owner has moved recently and is still setting items out. This is just one of her bedroom sets. Everything is reasonably priced and there’s a low prim area of the store for those of you on strict prim budgets.

It’s a fun place to look, get inspired and find that perfect item for your Proper Victorian home!

Bygone Days Antiques http://slurl.com/secondlife/Maemi/114/151/123