Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To Go With That Outfit, May I Suggest. . .

Thanks to Miss Nell, I discovered Hellen Allen's Steampunk Gadgets.
It's just behind Nell's Cafe in Wheatstone Waterways in Wexstone Wonderous Wares Emporium. It's a darling Steampunk/Victorian accessories store. Lousy picture, I know.

The accessories are beautiful, different, and reasonably priced.

Red Rose, an emerald and pearl necklace, is made of all prims. No scripts, sculpties, or text. This would look dramatic paired with a green gown. It's priced at 300 L$.

Hellen Allen's Steampunk Gadgets in Wheatstone Waterways

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Feathering Your Nest Victorian Style

The above picture is by the landing area. All freebies. There's a variety of clothing suitable for avatars under 30 days old who are trying to build their wardrobe. Most of us can skip it.

Near the freebie baskets are holiday candles. You have your choice of globes or candles on a tray. Free.

The store is a furniture store, with a nice variety of living room, bedroom, and bathroom sets. Lamps, framed pictures, rugs as well. All reasonably priced. My eye was drawn to the footed Victorian black marble tub with teal accents for 349 L$. Only 18 prims! Gorgeous textures, but unfortunately the colors don't fit in my house. * Pause for big dramatic sigh * Here are the same colors in the Victorian spa:

Granted, the spa as shown is way more than 349 L$, but isn't it lovely?

Candlelight Evenings

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cad & Bounder Presents: The Squid!

from the New Babbage Aether Ning:

This speedy two-avatar sub is small and narrow to easily explore narrow waterways.


* Seats a pilot and a brave passenger!
* Choice of Hovertext info display or worn HUD for info on throttle, speed, and depth!
* Bubble trail!
* Wriggly tentacles!
* Ink Spray to aid in escaping sticky situations!
* Beacon script notifies owner of sub's location every two hours!
* ICS 3.0 combat system enabled (500 pt hull, medium ram).
* Alacrity Mode for even quicker escapes!

(Cad & Bounder not responsible for engine damage, bodily harm, or cleaning bills, in the event Alacrity Mode is ever used, or ramming is attempted versus anything larger than a small duck.)

The Squid is, of course, completely flawless. But, by chance you are inexplicably transported to an alternate plane of reality where the impossible happens, and The Squid malfunctions in some manner, do feel free, or perhaps even feel strangely compelled, to report the issue to me.

-Doctor G. Obolensky, Cad & Bounder