Sunday, December 6, 2009

Feathering Your Nest Victorian Style

The above picture is by the landing area. All freebies. There's a variety of clothing suitable for avatars under 30 days old who are trying to build their wardrobe. Most of us can skip it.

Near the freebie baskets are holiday candles. You have your choice of globes or candles on a tray. Free.

The store is a furniture store, with a nice variety of living room, bedroom, and bathroom sets. Lamps, framed pictures, rugs as well. All reasonably priced. My eye was drawn to the footed Victorian black marble tub with teal accents for 349 L$. Only 18 prims! Gorgeous textures, but unfortunately the colors don't fit in my house. * Pause for big dramatic sigh * Here are the same colors in the Victorian spa:

Granted, the spa as shown is way more than 349 L$, but isn't it lovely?

Candlelight Evenings


  1. Oooer! how many prims is that tub!? Gorgeous!
    and i do like the candles on a plate, too! Pretty!

  2. I hoped to share the freebies with someone, but I couldn't find them when I arrived at the store. Still, there is some very nice furniture there as well as a little cat wandering the store.