Friday, June 11, 2010

Vogue with Avande Static Poses and Animations~ Miss Orchid McMillan New Shop

Vogue with Avande Static Poses and Animations~ Miss Orchid McMillan New Shop
It's summer now, so why not pick up some New Poses and Animations
Let Your Sl Body Move to the Music and Vogue !!!
Vogue with
New Babbages very own Miss Orchid McMillan
new pose animations
found at her shop
Avande Static Poses and Animations
They are fun, creative most different
Original Poses
for men and women
for groups and friends
Plus there are freebe's
So head on over and visit soon !!
poses, animation override, modeling
Avande - Purveyor of static poses and animations for models and the SL connoisseur.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Carnival Owls Today ONLY and then GONE FOR Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LADIES keeping this short and sweet !!!!
For at Midnight tonight ((Sunday January 31)) this adorable, sooty, steamy, carnival collection of Hya's ((owl ensemble only)) is gone for ever!!

Owls... everyone is fond of...Owls.

It's the Stumblebum Family CIrcus!
featuring for TWO DAYS ONLY!
The Sensational Stumblebum Sisters!

(My that's a few exclamation marks isn't it!)

Gone FOREVER in just two days.
Owls now, or no Owls at all, my friends.
Come one come all.

enjoy the show!
~hyasynth TIramisu

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's a Steamy Valentine: the Primgraph Proposes

That you proclaim your most heartfelt feelings in the premier Victorian & Steamlands publication on the Second Life grid!
From their advert:
"Valentine's Day is coming ... Do you want to shout your love from the rooftops? Do you want to share a secret? You can do both with the special Valentine's feature in The Primgraph!

This month we will be publishing a special classified section - for YOUR Valentine's Day messages. You can tell your love in twenty words or - at the far end of the scale - book a double page spread. There's a size - and a price - to suit all pockets.

And there will be all the fun of reading ... and guessing ... And wondering who on earth could Snookie of Babbage or Sweetlips of Caledon really be."

The deadline for ordering your Valentine Classified Ad is January 31, 2010.

To learn about pricing, ad sizes and to place your order, go to the form located at this link or click below:

For display ads or questions please email 'elegia dot underwood at gmail dot com' NO LATER THAN 31 JAN or contact Elegia Underwood in world.

Capt. Red is sitting in her garden dreaming about Steamy Valentines..... wearing the To a T Ladybird Domino gown ensemble that includes, 2 different kind of bustles, stockings, & hat. Also wearing the uber cute Uber Curliecue Cutea Grimm Bros shoes!

ps. LOVES the stockings! & the not shown polka dot bloomers & garters......