Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Paeoti Pomeray's Nymphetamine Nirvana!

I've recently met a delightfully silly, talented woman by the name of Paeoti Pomeray. Through her Nymphetamine shops in Dragon's Tail and Little Sturgis, Paeoti offers her wonderful clothing - and when you're done shopping, take a wander around the two regions. Paeoti speaks highly of neighboring shops, and in the Dragon's Tail sim, there's romantic areas to wander, as well!

Two outfits have especially caught my fancy, as they appeal to two aspects of my life. My life in New Babbage, a steampunk sim, calls for clothing that echoes the steampunk dream. I love her 'Torrid's Penchant' outfit, with the matching hat and necklace.

The second outfit is something fun I can use in my dancing acts at the New Champagne Rooms - the 'Flirty Fannie PeekABoo Bordello Set'. How to put this delicately... it peels down gracefully, looking as cute as can be even as bits of it are removed.

And look at that backside!

I hope you visit Paeoti's shops soon, and come home with something that suits *your* lifestyle!