Saturday, August 29, 2009

Confession: I cannot cease staring at my shoes

I have a small shoe problem, which some will attest to. When i find a pair of shoes i adore, i will wear them for ... a very long time.

Currently, I am in behavior-modification training, as I have acquired TWO pairs of shoes that I rotate between.

Both are sufficiently distracting as to have had me bewitched by their good looks at inconvenient times (at meetings, while building something Very Important, when trying not to walk into walls or fall into a canal), and also look lovely with many a gown.

What are they, you ask? Why:

Zasa Rossini's Tally Boots (gorgeous in red, chocolate, and soft black leather - ok that's three pairs of shoes right there, I know, I know. shush.) The Chocolate Velvet are available at Petite Chou (


Cutea Benelli's steamy coggy goodness, aka Vapor Vanity Silver Luxury Heels - they SPIN!

available at The Grim Bros Main Store on Clematis ( http://

and viewable wherever my feet are.

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